People’s Voice Media is a charity and Social Enterprise based in Salford, Greater Manchester that works across the UK and Europe. PVMwas founded in 1995 and we specialise in gathering the voices and stories of people in order to challengeperceptions about people's lives and support people to describe theirownrealty and give insight from real people, in order to better inform and influence policy and service agendas. In 2013 we were recognised as being one of the top 50 digital leader in the UK.

We have been involved in digital inclusion, community information, and ICT skills training since 1995. Our flagship is our CommunityReporter programme which we started in 2007. In 2011 we developed the social license model as a way for our members to replicate the programme. The social licensee networks allows different organisation and people to share knowledge, skills and resources in order to create different solutions as well as providing a sustainable income source to those organisations through resell of the Community Reporter programme and the commissioning of insight from main stream agencies. Allour reporters are accredited and quality assured through the Institute of Community Reporters (ICR) founded in 2012. In 2013 The ICR went on to form the European Network of Community Reporters that spans 10 European countries.