The mission of Artemisszió Foundation is to provide an opportunity for the widest possible section of society to take part in activities that develop competencies that strengthen relations among people, improve communication and conflict-resolution skills, and contribute to the development of tolerance, mutual understanding and cooperation. For us it is a priority to include socially disadvantaged groups - the unemployed, people living in rural areas, the Roma and immigrants - to increase their equal opportunities and to fight social exclusion.

In a culturally ever more complex world, learning about cultures "other" than our own and acquiring the ability for dialogue are not only important tools for preventing conflicts but are also an essential means to self-knowledge, open-minded thinking and independence. The Foundation considers it a vital task to offer the opportunity to the widest possible part of society to take part in activities that contribute to the development of the above skills.

Artemisszió Foundation devotes special attention to creating equal opportunities for ethnically or socially disadvantaged groups. Our activities are aimed at encouraging the social integration of these groups (unemployed young people, the rural population, the Roma). In line with these aims, the Foundation has been using various means of approaching and involving in its activities the representatives of these groups as well as the organizations in contact with them.

The Artemisszió Foundation is aiming to achieve its objectives through the research, promotion and use of the theory and practice of intercultural communication.