La Xixa Teatre Association is a non-profit organization that aims to research, develop and multiply educational theatrical tools as a means for social transformation. As an association we are formed by multi-disciplinary group of over 30 collaborators volunteers trained in the field of social sciences and art. This enriches our social and creative work, and keeps us in continued education and learning.

Our experience involves organizing and conducting trainings, workshops and theatrical actions for youth and adults at local and international level around different axes:

  • Intercultural, Racism, Xenophobia, Social Inclusion and Integration.

  • Gender and equality policies, Sexual Diversity.

  • Active Citizenship, Civic Engagement, Local Development, etc.

The mission of the Association La Xixa Teatre is to facilitate the creation of spaces for empowerment through Participatory methodologies, Process Oriented Psychology and Theatre of the Oppressed to generate processes of individual and collective transformation in contexts of social vulnerability.