Elan Interculturel is an independent association created by a group of five psychologists, researchers and trainers interested in exploring diversity and making it a source of advantage. The main objectives of Elan Interculturel are:

-to create a better understanding of how diversity affects our life

-to raise awareness of the resources inherent in diversity and

-to support organisations and individuals with the development of tools and approaches to benefit from cultural diversity.

To reach our objectives we do trainings for professionals working in intercultural situations or individuals living cross-cultural transition or in cultural contact zones. We participate in collaborations and pilot projects to develop new methods and tools. Finally, we undertake research in intercultural and social psychology aiming at a better understanding of intercultural dynamics.

Since its creation Elan Interculturel provided intercultural trainings to approximately 200 professionals, organised an international seminar on diversity and creativity, participated in three Grundtvig Learning Partnerships and two multilateral partnerships on the theme of intercultural dialogue and adaptation.