Community Reporting

Community Reportingis a storytelling movement that works across the UK and Europe to gather people’s stories and voices in order to challenge perceptions and support people to describe their own reality.

Community Reporters are trained to high standards to collect and create stories using a media of their choice, with an emphasis on the use of digital pocket technology. Reporters are often people from marginalised and excluded communities, allowing people to gain their skills to tell their own stories and the stories of other people around them, providing an authentic voice.

Stories are uploaded to the open-access website www.communityreporter.net and curated by the Institute of Community Reporters allowing media to influence policy makers and other organisations working with communities.

Key features of Community Reporting are:

  • Anyone can become a Community Reporter
  • Community Reporters use free or readily available equipment and software to create media such as pocket cameras, smartphones and tablets
  • Skills sharing and peer review are embedded into Community Reporter training to support group and community development
  • Community Reporting is about people telling stories using whichever media they choose
  • Community Reporter’s are badged and they become part of a wider European Work with their training accredited by the Institute of Community Reporters
  • All Community Reporter’s agree to standards regarding responsible storytelling and ethical reporting/acceptable content
  • Community Reporting is about good news stories and personal storytelling